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It just could have been better at the 360Deg平台。
Let me find the photo for you.

小笠原山觀景台距離祝山觀景台約500公尺而已,步行柏油路林道,約12分鐘即能抵達。 小笠原山,海拔2488公尺,是為紀念明治三十七年(1904)十月首度踏勘至此地的日籍技師小笠原富二郎而命名的。 小笠原富二郎後來在阿里山發現樹齡兩、三千年的紅檜巨木群及阿里山神木。
I went to Alishan 7 years ago, that time no need to pay entrance fee and also don't know got this 360 deg platform or not. :-)

Have you been to Wuling? I'm looking forward to there - booked the Hoya Wuling Resort and is very expensive.
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