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Yes, last year i've met same situation with you, even we settled the payment down, they still request more than that, then keep threaten , show burning house, or splash paint house pic or video, but i just ignored it, cause i already paid what i should pay eventhough they denied and said didnt received it. they called to my office and my hp number everyday, keep threatening but didnt show up at all,they stop for 8- 9 months, after one years later, today they call again and whatapps me with different number, ask me to provide bank account number and force me to take a new loan from them, if i dont, they said they will burn my house bla bla bla. Anyway, i just ignored them.
You are the least piority for them to come up disturb you. No point spending money for runners to come up.

The person who call you today probably are not the ones you took last time. Maybe not even the same syndicate. They got your details from a ah long database.
You don't 傻傻分不清
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