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Which has nothing to do with this.

Nobody vets stuff posted on the forums - it's live the minute you submit it. The only way we get to know about something that's not suitable is if moderators chance upon it or someone like rECKleSSfElla helps us report it.

Above post and user removed. Thanks rECKleSSfElla.
Well done.

I did not notice on that thread.

As i did came across that shop before when they were doing 3 hours sales discount of up to 90% on most items.

Only when i wanted to purchase an item and was told it had to pay the subscription as member first via online.

Thereafter then they could sell the item to me which i decided no go.

Hence just one quick look into that thread confirmed it was that shop selling and doing advertisement.

But that advert on Android TV box is not part of the sales at that time.

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