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Post SMU IS and Analytics

WTS Singapore Management University (SMU) School of Information Systems (SIS) Notes

I am a final year student from SMU, taking IS as a major. Throughout my years, I have compiled notes, assignments, tests, labs etc. from each IS mods that my friends and I have taken. These notes are all top notch stuff that has helped us get our As. Study them well and you are all set for your GPA 4.0 (:

List of IS mods available:
ANLY104 Analytics Foundation
ANLY428 Analytics Practicum
IS 101 Information Systems Management
IS 102 Computer Analysis Tool
IS 103 Computational Thinking
IS 202 Data Management
IS 203 Software Engineering
IS 301 Enterprise Integration
IS 302 Information Security and Trust
IS 303 Architectural Analysis
IS 304 Process Modelling and Solutions Blueprinting
IS 305 Enterprise Web Solutions
IS 306 Interaction Design and Prototyping
IS 403 Network Security
IS 410 Advanced Data Management
IS 416 Mobile_Pervasive Technology
IS 417 Data Warehousing and Business Analytics
IS 419 Retail Banking
IS 421 Enterprise Analytics for Decision Support
IS 424 Data Mining and Business Analytics
IS 425 Advanced Information Systems Management
IS 428 Visual Analytics for Business Intelligence
IS 429 Cloud Computing
IS 433 Information Security Management
IS 434 Social Analytics and Applications
IS 437 Software and Systems Security
IS 439 Internet of Things Technology and Application
IS 480 Final Year Project

Specific mods (Marketing, Ops, Accounting, Social Sciences notes bundled in package)

Package A: Marketing Analytics
MKTG103 Marketing Research
MKTG220 Digital Marketing
MKTG225 Customer Relationship Management

Package B: Operational Analytics
OPIM101 Decision Analysis
OPIM322 High Performance Warehousing and Fulfilment
OPIM331 Computer Simulation
MGMT317 Managing Process Improvement

Package C: Accounting Analytics
ANLY104 Analytics Foundation
ANLY428 Analytics Practicum
ACCT221 Accounting Information Systems
ACCT415 Accounting Analytics

Package D: Urban & Regional Analytics
SOCG304 Social Networks
IDIS100 Research Methods in Sociology and Political Science

PM me for more details!
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