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I create surf acc.. Alucard solo lane fly in kill 2 tanks. Lol

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last time i always chiong Alucard, after around 120+ matches with him hit around 65% win rate then gave him up already. Now whenever I see alucard in my team, I always a bit scared. Cause most people will play him like a tank. Those youtube videos showing pro alucard definitely doesn't help.

A while back got one match before start alucard user flame me for using cyclops, then start game first thing is ask people defend turret, ownself go take buff first. Spent like a minute killing it, then recall back to base because low HP. Then proceed to feed the enemy team, steal our own team's buff, and then when enemy got the upper hand, proceed to AFK. Really is alutard one. This is low elo of course at GM level.
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