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Hi all,

I am a 27 male non smoker with two elderly dependants...with an aim to start a family in the future. I am quite a noob when it comes to insurance so pardon my possibly dumb questions.

What does Integrated shield plans cover? Is it some form of hospitalisation cost coverage? If so, which insurer's plan is the best in terms of coverage, premium need not be cheapest but coverage must be good. (1)

Also, critical illness is separate from the integrated shield plans right? If so, is it like a term insurance where you insure yourself for a period and they payout if *touch wood* you got any critical illness during your coverage period?

As for death, does the integrated shield plans or the one stated above cover death? If I wish to cover three areas, 1) Death 2) Hospitalisation 3) Critical illness, which company would be the best? (1)

Answer to your questions:
1) Covers hospitalization cost. If there's such thing as a BEST plan, then no other insurers would survive besides the "best" insurer.

2) Critical Illness can be TERM or LIFE. Yes to your question.

3) Hospitalization doesn't cover death. CI yes. Again, if there's a BEST company, then by survival-of-the-fittest rule, no other insurer would survive.

You will need to re-define what you mean by BEST.
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