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Guys, or rather any seniors here can help to answer my concerns?

I’m currently enrolled to BACC (Accountancy course).
What are the modules that are tough and difficult and not advisable to be taken together in the same semester?

Summary of modules:

BUS105e Statistics
BUS107e Quantitative Methods
COR167e Managing Your Personal Finances
GSP175e Technology and World Change
GSP187e Performance Management (Practice)
ACC206 Financial Reporting
ACC201e Financial Accounting
ACC213 Introduction to Income Tax
ACC210 Accounting for Decision Making and Control
ACC208 Intermediate Financial Reporting
ACC217 Accounting Information Systems
ACC203e Managerial Accounting
BUS201 Contract and Agency Law
ECO201e Managerial Economics
FIN303 Financial Management
BUS205 Company and Tort Law
ECO203e International Economics
HRM203e Human Behaviour in Organisations
MKT202e Marketing Management
ECO203e International Economics
ACC307 Taxation of Companies and Partnerships
ACC311 Strategic Management Accounting
ACC305 Assurance and Attestation
ACC309 International Taxation and Tax Planning
ACC302 Advanced Financial Reporting
ACC306 Advanced Assurance and Attestation
FIN301e Financial Instruments, Institutions and Markets
ACC407 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
ACC401 Accounting Theory
ACC499 Accounting Theory and Practice
BUS488 Strategy*
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