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I bought a TX9 Pro yesterday from IT fair. It's not tanix but some other name on it. However the box has 'TX9 Pro'

Anyway I'm very new to tv box but have seen how it works and have been tempted to get one. So I bought one yesterday after checking it out. Came home set it up, worked fine.

This morning I got up hoping to watch a movie, but I spent 1.5 hours trying to connect. Because each time it connects, it wld drop off and when I load the apps it says no network connected. So I'm beginning to question if my internet provider (Singtel) is actually blocking this? Any idea?

I also made a mistake of resetting the box hoping I could start again. However doing this also meant I lost the "AppStore" that was already in the box when I plugged in. Does anyone know where I can find this "AppStore"?
All these so called android boxes are mostly gimics. They all run a tablet version of Android and come with no DRM support so no hd netflix etc. The preinstalled streaming apps are not legally sourced and when they eventually get taken down you won't be able to use them anymore. Since you already own the box you could probably open Google play and install the streaming apps yourself . If Google play is not installed you can sideload the apk yourself.

There are only 2 official android tv boxes. They are the Nvidia shield and the Xiaomi mi box. Those runs the official Google tv version which come with DRM support for netflix 4k and YouTube 4k and Chromecast support.
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