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Anyone having problem activate mobile data on their AW3 after restore or changed iphone?
Calling SingTel's customer technical support many times and went down to Comcenter, all keeps telling me to unpair and repair AW to iPhone.
In layman, or in my terms, or from what I have understand:

Process A: Subscribing or Re-activating to NumberShare on the Apple Watch.

Process B: The information to get the SIM info from the server is pushed to the iPhone, then onto the Apple Watch.

Process C: The information is transferred successfully to the Apple Watch, thus connected and activated.

From what I have experienced:
When a new person is subscribing to NumberShare, it goes through processes A, B & C, and would (usually) successfully activate.

However, if an existing person restore their iPhone or unpair the Apple Watch, it goes through process A, and when it comes to B, the number says it has been activated from probably a server check, and the information doesn’t get ‘pulled’ from the server because it’s registered as subscribed? Thus, unable to get the information to be passed over to the Apple Watch like process C.

Just from my understanding as I had the Activating loading wheel going on with the “You Are Subscribed” splash page and it didn’t get activated on my Apple Watch. Had unpair prior to that happening and after pairing it back.

And after having to successfully activated and connected, clicking on the “i” gives the same splash page as like before.
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