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1. Dont even need your tv box to be on android tv os to run netflix hd. For 720p, all you need is widevine lvl 1. For 1080p/4k, you need widevine lvl 1 + official netflix certification on the device. Nowadays many newer tv box models already come with widevine lvl 1 so watching netflix in 720p is possible.

2. Then again, do people who buy tv boxes actually even use it for netflix? You know i know everybody knows whats the main reason more and more people are stopping their cable subscriptions and turning to tv boxes. Lets just leave it at that. Are tv boxes a gimmick? I dont know. Maybe as much a gimmick as smartphones and tablets are then since they do function the same in most ways. As long a tv box serves the purpose i bought it for, then i guess i am happy with it.

3. All the google framework, services and playstore do not just disappear when you factory resetted a box. The previous guy must have did something more than just plainly resetting the box or its some dodgy 3rd party appstore that was installed and not the official google playstore he was talking about.
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