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New hero Hanabi is out in advanced server! Check out the video to understand more about her skills!

Hmm why can't embed video >_<
Wah your girlfriend's (or issit yours?) voice sounds so nice.
Anyhoo... Clever hor, come forum try promote awareness about your youtube video.

Anyway I never believe in this 'free skin' nonsense, so yeah...

As for Hanabi, maybe not so soon ba... Are there supposed to me other heroes coming out before Hanabi, after Martis?

Cos Martis is out today (I think), so gonna take at least 3 weeks to a month before the next new hero is out?

Her Higanbana looks promising and her crowd control immunity looks goo too, but I am just worried Higanbana will be readjusted and made lousier on launch.

Like Valir. Before he was launched he looked so awesome. But when I bought it, I can't say I am not having fun with him but still his speed and death rate friggin high . Some more his ultimate skill is a waste of MP if you cannot time it right.
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