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Hard to rank these days...
Dunno issit me or really a thing, but seems I keep getting mixed with idiots who either jungle or obssessed with killing enemies.

It's like nobody is interested in stealing turrets like that. Then when I steal turrets till the enemies have almost none left, still can lose cos my idiotic teammates, though feed themselves till max level, can still lose at gangfights.

In the end I get reported for negative playing behaviors.

Zzzz... Play classic is better lah.

It's like killing jungle monsters or enemies is more important than clearing lanes -_-
Haha ya... I report till i kanna points also. Ccb. A lot of retard assasins always like to solo lane then feed. Don't steal turret nvm.. Dulan is those for 1 kill then don't defend and lose 1 lane of turrets
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