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Haha ya... I report till i kanna points also. Ccb. A lot of retard assasins always like to solo lane then feed. Don't steal turret nvm.. Dulan is those for 1 kill then don't defend and lose 1 lane of turrets
Best is those nearby killing jungle monsters while you are being gangr@raped by many people. After the monster is killed, instead of moving in to save you or kill the enemies whom you sacrificed your life by taking away most of their hps, THEY MOVED AWAY TO KILL THE NEXT JUNGLE MONSTER.

Normally those who declare they wanna solo a lane (especially Lancelots and Hayabusas) I will purposely to to their lanes on.

Cos these idiots highly possible only want to hog jungle monsters and neglect tower defense.

They become strong in the later stage so what? By that time turrets almost gone, team losing. At most they only get MVP, Savage or whatnots.

Still lose. So nothign to brag about.
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