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Thank you Xonix, Maylyn for your advise.

I was trying to setup Lyra Trio over my ethernet backhaul. My last LED status when I posted was:
1st node : Cyan
2nd node : Cyan
3rd node : Green

So, last night, I tried to reset all nodes to factory setting and re-configure again using the same steps mentioned in Q2:
Q2 : What is the correct method for setting up the second and third device? What I have done are as follows:
- Connect 1st device's WAN port to a router. Use the App to setup. This is easy
- Connect 2nd device's WAN port to the LAN port of the 1st device. Power ON and use the App to add the 2nd device
- Connect 3rd device's WAN Port to the LAN port of the 2nd device. Power ON and use the App to add the 3rd device
- After finished, I connect each of the device to the LAN port in each room

This time, I get all Cyan. I believe the nodes are now connected via wifi backhaul. From the Lyra App, I can see the lines between main node and the other 2 nodes are yellow lines, instead of green lines..
I am not getting slightly less then 100mbps on all nodes...

I am getting more and more confused....

I chat with Asus online line and even escalated to the backend team.. Yet to get any good solution from them...

I search the website the entire evening and could not find any clear setup procedure to configure Lyra Trio over ethernet backhaul...

Thinking of asking for a refund or change to another router Lyra Home
FAQ ~>

The ASUS FAQ has specifically stated that one needs to set up 3 Lyra/Lyra Trio setup first on wireless (all solid blue light) before moving to Ethernet Backhaul setup.

And the second and third Lyra/Lyra Trio must be in solid green light.

Give it this setting up method a try and feedback in here accordingly.

Recheck your LAN ports/cables to see is they are in good order too.

Your network map on the ASUS Lyra App should be a full 3 green lines connectivity on all nodes and shouldn't be 2 green lines/yellow/red etc.

We have tested internally and bench using 9x ASUS Lyra all together on Ethernet Backhaul with all full 3 green lines connectivity with 59 WiFi devices connected to it.

ASUS official recommendation is 5x Lyra/5x ASUS Trio per network setup.
ASUS SG/TW Networking Tester

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