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will there be reliability issues? like power outage or surges?
Nope, essentially our government (EMA) will fine these companies if their power station or generator trip and there will always be sufficient standby within the grid.

What these retailer do is they will buy power from the grid and sell it to you while paying SP for using their transmission infrastructure.

For retailer like sunseap, if they sell u x amt of "renewable" power, it means their solar panels will "sell" x amt of power into the grid (common pool) and then "buy" x amt of power from the common pool from the grid when u, the customer received the power at ur house.

Beside, the "renewable" power is bull-**** as I doubt Singapore will have enough battery within the grid to still provide you with solar power when there is no sun.

My 2cents is just switch but try not be tied to a long term contract as you will still want to see how the market develop. The savings actually come from the fact that these private companies are more cost efficient vs SP which is basically civil service.

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