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What they mean is that if their customer take say 100mwh of power, they will pump 100mwh of power into the grid. However their 100mwh will probably be pump in during the day. At night they still need to buy power from the power station which uses natural gas and sell it to you. So to those ppl who think that you are making the world a better place by buying from Sunseap, think again.
understand, that's why those into "green" - not starhub, thinking 100% green energy, they are all wrong

There are loads of Solar Panels plated on my building rooftop. Still got no news on how we household can benefit from this. Throughout Jurong, last year, they have already installed Solar Panels on some of the blocks.

Currently i think it can only supply enough power to power corridor light and lifts, the rest pump back to national grid
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