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Signed up with Ohm using my brother's referral code... $20 bill credit for both parties. Price wise buay pai lah 22% of SP tariff... but key consideration is third party charges - they explicitly say that it is included. Their FAQ also very detailed and comprehensive.

Don't know about all the other providers... only got a very convenient footnote say "The electricity retailer may require you to pay other fees and charges, including one or more of the prevailing market-related."

Anybody want to use my referral code drop me a PM.

Refer to the table below. Should be around 6 cts/kWh of hidden charges. No way to determine carbon tax tho.

Wah, i saw this too. Lots of hidden charges, which i lazy to read. Sounds very intersting especially the wholesale plan.

Bookmarked... I at boonlay nv recieve mail leh
Nothing will be sent to you, you have to source the best providers for yourself. There is one upcoming roadshow from Best Electricity this coming sunday at SAFRA Jurong.
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