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Played one round just now. Not bad for a mobile game. Quite similar to the PC one.
Haha yas! As someone who hasn't been a fan of mobile gaming, I can safely say that PUBG mobile has conformed me to start playing more games on mobile!

So far played 2 games solo. first game got chicken dinner. 2nd one got 2nd. First time playing PUBG though. Only experience was a couple of games on Rules of survival. Got lucky i guess, or maybe rank still low, so not that hard. haha.

so far not bad, but sometimes will see a bit lag, like the enemy suddenly teleport from one place to another. Hopefully will smoothen out soon.
Haha nice to see you play pubg mobile as well! Have you tried using wifi to play? But I encountered the same spikes using mobile data to play on the MRT (could probably be due to this) as well. But I've tried playing on wifi on the Chinese version and it runs very well!

there's a game called Free Fire - only about 200 MB in size. Pretty much the same thing
Haha I've tried playing free fire as well, but nothing beats the original PUBG, especially when you're already familiar with the game on PC.

nice to play?
like phone easy to burn out while playing
Yes I would highly recommend it! It's easy for newbies to start picking up the game too. So far I've played 2 games on data using my Pixel 2 and has not experienced any intense heating.
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