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Downloaded liao.

Got some quiet time then i will start to play

Also waiting for Fortnite. Like more fun
Yup heard its out on iOS already though.

loved playing PUBG.

now there's top 3 games like this: Rules of Survival , PUBG Mobile and the upcoming Fortnite.

not sure which to choose..

PUBG Mobile seems abit laggy and graphics not as nice as ROS, but believe they will update it so give some time.

which you guys prefer when fortnite is global released?
Haha yup am quite eager in trying out fort nite too, should be optimised rather well on mobile with its gpu-friendly graphics

played 15mins picking up guns... see no one n killed by map...
bo liao sia.
Haha Yeap have to keep up-to-date on where the zones are, it's practical as it discourages campers from camping.
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