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I dont intend to use any illegal streams. Just netflix, amazon prime, youtube and some free channels like Bloomberg News etc

I have decided on Roku Express. It costs about $50 if I import it on amazon.

I have 300mbps M1 broadband and 5GHz capable Asus N56U router. If I place the roku stick right next to the router, I guess I will get decent performance without lag?

Also wanted to confirm, Roku will work in SG, especially for Netflix, Amazon prime and other free channels?

Any other thoughts? I considered chromecast, but the fact that I need to first get on a mobile or laptop and then cast it, is a put off, I would rather use a remote. Also I read, powerwise, Roku performs better at streaming than chromecast.

The only disadvantage with Roku, for me is it doesnt have a web browser. I wonder why there are not many people using Roku in Singapore.

Thanks in advance!

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