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Hi nightchaser1,

If you're currently facing issues activating NumberShare on your Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular), here are some troubleshooting tips you should try:

1. You are advised not to unpair the Apple Watch and iPhone while waiting for activation to complete. This may result in the eSIM profile being removed accidentally.

2. Can you see the above screen? Is the cellular icon in white like above, or is it clear (i.e. not even white)?

3. Go to the watch, Setting > General > About, check if there is any information under ‘ICCID’ field?

4. Can you try to turn off Bluetooth on the iPhone, and WiFi on the Watch, to try to trigger the mobile connectivity?

5. Restart the Watch, is it the same?

6. Go to the watch, Setting > Mobile Data, did you see PLAN – ‘Singtel, and STATUS – ‘Connected’?

7. Do check whether your mobile plan is eligible for NumberShare subscription. You can find the list of eligible mobile plans in the link below:

8. NumberShare is officially supported on compatible iPhone models (iPhone 6 or newer) running iOS 11.2.5 or later, and Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) on WatchOS 4.2.2 or later. If you're running beta software on the iPhone and/or Apple Watch, there might be issues activating NumberShare.

9. If you see a prompt to "Remove Singtel Plan" (e.g. during unpairing of the iPhone and Watch), we recommend that you always choose "Keep Plan" as the existing eSIM profile may be in use with another number.

"Singtel Plan" in this instance refers to the eSIM profile, not the NumberShare service. Removing this "Singtel Plan" is not equivalent to removing the NumberShare service with Singtel. If you want to terminate NumberShare service, you have to call in 1688 to do so. Activation of NumberShare can only be done on the Apple Watch app during the setting up process.

If the above tips do not solve the issue you’re facing, do log a case with our customer service hotline at 1688. Alternatively, you can drop us a private message with your mobile number which is used to sign up for NumberShare. Please do not share your mobile number or any other personal/account details in a forum post as it is public.
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