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I am new to MoCA and have some queries.
1. Does Starhub charge for MoCA POE installation?
2. Once POE installed, so no TP installation for fibre optics needed? Viewquest or other ISP will need to connect the modem to Actiontec ECB6200 for it to work?
3. Is Actiontec ECB6200 the only model that will work in Singapore and if the other newer models like ECB6250 or ECB5240M work?
4. What is the difference between Actiontec ECB6200K02 and ECB6200S02?
Think you may need understand more on how MoCA network works, but let me try to help though i am not using (yet).

1. No clue, TS did mentioned starhub did for him FOC and this lies with Starhub which you need to speak with them to confirm

2. POE filter as its full name is "Point of Entry".. explained in multiple posts and it is not a TP point for fiber. You will still require a TP and ONT for fiber broadband. The most layman setup would be "TP > ONT > Router > MoCA adapter > coaxial port"

3. Any MoCA 2.0 adapter would work, make sure to read the description/specs to ensure it is the latest which support gigabit transfer. Sidenote, ECB6250 is only released for enterprises/ISP, you wouldnt be able to find in the consumer market.

4. Simple glance on amazon shows it is the same, just a single "S" or two/twin "K" pack.
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