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anyone know whats the price of MOCA? and where can i get it from?
u can get them cheaply from Alibaba , esp those can MOQ 1 pcs. I did for 2 pcs and the cost (including shipping) is around S$95 (per 2 pcs).

Right now in alibaba there are 2 brands, Zisa and Yitong. I tried both brands

Yitong 2.0 non-bonded - able to change to EU plug if you request. comes with full set of equipment (i.e. CaT V Cable, etc.). Out of 2 pcs, in less than 6 months i did a RMA. But the sales person was helpful hence not an issue. Product wise, I could say that they deliver its speed.

Zisa 2.0 bonded - Their standard set not come with EU plug and CAT V cable, but I think they are able to include it if you meet a certain MOQ. I on it 24/7 so far not much of a problem. However, their utility is very laggy and one of the got bricked to a certain extend due to some firmware error. Their engineer said can't do anything about it when I feedback this to them. It is interesting that the chip they are using is the same as Actiontec ECB6200. Hence I downloaded the firmware (from somewhere- reddit?) and flash it over, which solves the utility lag & firmware issue.

If you want to get the above locally, yes you can. One person is selling it online but with that price, I would rather get ECB6200 from amazon.

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