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Just to clarify... I was a Starhub cable broadband user and in the process of switching to fibre internet. It took me some time to convince Starhub especially as nobody seemed to have heard about MoCA before (and why a filter was needed). Heck, I even drew them a diagram when the technician was on-site!

Nowadays I simply would buy a Soontai LPF-1002M3 filter and install it by myself. Remember, it just needs to anywhere where the main coax cable comes into your place. This could be in the riser cabinet or just before your first coax splitter.

With regards to 'must'... without a POE filter MoCA sends your internet data back out of your place into the public coax cable network which includes your cable provider, your neighbours, and maybe some other things on the network. If that interferes with any equipment... your provider might investigate, find out that you are the source, and possibly fine you. Please just get a filter.

You can google 'Soontai LPF-1002M3' to find the Soontai webpage and inquire if they ship to Singapore or even have a local distributor (sorry, I'm not allowed to post links here yet).
My current headache is where to install the POE filder... sadly for my case, i found the svc box at the corridor riser box but then its locked. Not sure how to get it open (starhub or sp services? any suggestions? definitely not a locksmith, lol).
Worst off, i cant find the indoor cable box thus could not locate the first splitter. Suspected landlord had placed the box somewhere within the false ceiling .... every coax ports inside the unit have a "NEE CS-2002A Isolator with TV/FM splitter (5-1000MHz).

Pls do PM me any links if you have any seller for the POE & MoCA splitters... thanks alot, your story had helped alot.
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