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eh... gusion is based on burst dmg from his skills. you should be able to 1 shot both fighters if your combos are correct? haha disclaimer i suck at gusion... just that he looks cool. i mainly play chou/tanks or occasionally zhask/valir so a good gusion is as bad as lancelot or fanny. Kag i still can avoid somewhat but those 3 are insane when fed.
the tracker shot hard to hit only straight line =/
combos... worse... he always jumps at the direction which I don't want -_-

I suck more at Gusion lor. Anyway my Gusion is more on physical attacks rather than magic skills. Cos the cooldown friggin long -_-

I just kena a Jungler GUSION IN MY TEAM... As expected, lost....

Why can't they just focus on towers and stick to their own lanes??? when enemies from other lanes are free enough to come to yours, then there must be something wrong with your teammates.
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