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Stop Loansharks

Hi all,

I got involved with illegal moneylenders some time ago and small loans of under $1000 soon snowballed to more than $20000 in debts. I managed to get out and after reading through some of the ordeals that the loansharks have caused to some of you and your families I wish to help the situation. I cannot help with money but I will help in any other way to eradicate them.

About ten years ago, my close friendís mother committed suicide due to all the stress with the loanshark harassment and she decided to end her life because she could not take it anymore. Some will say she was a coward, but some of us know first-hand the amount of stress these people cause. There are going to be many negative people here that say serve them right they went to borrow in the first place. Thatís not the right way to help the situation, whatís done is done and we have to look ahead to solve the problem. Iím sure everyone that approached them had their own fair share of financial problems which is why they went to them in the first place. I donít believe anyone was born to approach loansharks and suffer at their hands.

Many of us here are familiar with their unscrupulous tactics, when you want to clear your loan they give you a lot of excuses and ask you to defer your loan. When you finally clear it, they harass you and your family saying you owe them more and send you threatening videos that they will burn your house and go to your workplace.

Illegal moneylenders survive on two things mainly. They feed off our fear of them and our concern for our family and jobs. If we break it down itís really just those two things. We are afraid our neighbours will know or people at our workplace will find out or they will do harm to our family.

The honest truth is that they are the cowards hiding behind their computers from Malaysia or China. They work in the shadows because they are the ones afraid and have to employ their ďfierceĒ tactics to try to dominate over us mentally.

What we need to do as a community is stand up to them. It doesnít take a lot to just tell them ďF you, I have paid you enough, if you want more you come and find meĒ Change your number or get a new number to use temporarily. Iím pretty sure 9 of out 10 of them wonít dare come to your house. How many of us here can say yes they actually came to my house?

I think itís safe to say most of the loansharks will not dare step into our housing estates because of all our laws now. Even the runners, people like ourselves that are in debt are cautious about vandalizing peopleís homes now and not a lot of people are keen in doing that anymore. Itís like asking people to be a drug mule, majority of people will think twice but there will be a handful that will do it thinking it will solve all their problems.

I want to start with just a small little idea that I had, which is why Iím posting this in the first place.

How do loansharks operate? Gone are the days of SMS and phonecalls. No one replies their SMS and we donít pick up unknown calls anymore. Majority of their operation in the past 2-3 years are via Whatsapp. They donít spend money topping up their pre-paid sim cards to call and SMS people. They use spam SMS services and they are hiding away overseas using whatsapp on their free wifi or data.

99% of illegal moneylenders are operating through Whatsapp. If they message one person and they person blocks them, they are going to message another 100 numbers hoping they would get some business. Unfortunately, Whatsapp doesnít have a function where we can select ďnot to receive messages from unknown numbersĒ so their messages are going to keep coming through anyways. So what can we do to stop them?

When a message comes through, these idiots are dumb enough to leave their whatsapp number to contact them. What I want to do is to start posting all these numbers here with priority more towards people that are actively dealing and currently being harassed from these whatsapp numbers.

If we post their numbers here, and as community, we add their numbers into our contacts, select them and ď Block contact and Report SpamĒ their accounts would be blocked permanently. The report spam is the most important function here that we have to take advantage of. Most of us just read their message and delete it but we have to report their number.

Yes I know, they have 10 or 20 different numbers and they are just going to message you from another number. But honestly think about it, even if they have 100 numbers, It takes us 5 seconds to report their number and when their accounts are blocked on whastapp they would go into panic mode because a lot of their debtor information is on their whatsapp. The key function is to report them as spam and whatsapp will ban their account which would really hold them back and frustrate them more.

For safety purposes, if anyone is posting a screenshot here, please show proof that these people are indeed illegal moneylenders.

We canít stop them all but we can play a part I guarantee you this will stop a certain % of them. The police cannot do anything from whatsapp harassment and will only take action if the loansharks have physically harmed anyone.
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