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Flicker not the worst spell I have seen on Lesley yet lol. But I strongly agree Lesley should not use flicker (in fact, all mms except Layla and maybe Hanabi).

And one time my team forced my Lesley to have flicker because idiot teammates chose 2 assassins (Lance, Natalie) with retri. Can guess the results la ...
Sometimes knowing the right spell doesn't mean anything too. haha. not hard to watch youtube and copy. But skills hard to copy. Like you see franco using flicker, you think he might be really good and hook and flick enemy into turret. But maybe he's just afraid of dying and use it for escape only.

For lesley flicker is doable still i think since mm are mostly more late game heroes. Though a good lesley will be able to pick the right fight and KS kills with her ult early mid game. So let the mages and assassin farm more first and just focus on surviving. Just surviving and being able to clear minion is better than using retribution and end up keep getting killed. Then once MM gets a few items can farm fast anyway.

I think 2 assassins is okay in this meta (just see lance and gusion). Like even without MM sometimes still doable if the whole team can push to end the game early. 2MM though will be harder to play IMO since it's going to be hard early/mid game. Most of the time you see that 2nd MM pick you know your teammate is probably not aware of team comp already. Especially when you see opponent team have those meta assassins they still pick 2MM. Make games harder than it needs to be.
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