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I dunno lah...
I feel skills are for the needs of your gameplay.

The 'recommended skills' are just that are suitable for those who chiong without consequences.

Take my Gusion and Angela for example. I use Purify for them simply because without it, they are sitting ducks when kena skills that cause abnormal statuses.

You have no idea how many unnecessary deaths I avoided by purifying.

No point having retribution when I know my teammates are gonna "I'll take the buff", no point flicker if most of the time the stupid flicker lands you towards the enemy instead of away, no point using inspire when you use it and still die most of the time.

I mean, there are so many available skills, which I see 70% of them are not utlilized by players. Then why have those skills in the first place if nobody is gonna use them?

I still feel if you know what you are doing with the skills, that is enough a reason.

But if I am still gonna be accused of being a 'newbie', so be it. I rather be called names and play in a comfortable manner than to follow like a headless 'anjing' and suffer in the game.

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