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No. I only watch HK drama with English subtitles. Don't understand chinese or cantonese.
And I only cast dramas that are 720p and 1080p to the TV. Tiny Cast for Chromecast will detect url video source quality and show all low and high quality url video source.

I suggest you use Adguard to block all unwanted advertisements from all browser apps and all other apps.
I am using adguard.

I never like ad. My smartphone is totally ad free.

For example, Channel News Asia, AsiaOne, Today online app .... they are all ad-free.

If you want free ad blocker for android. Here are a few you can try to see which one works for you. They don't just blocked ad in your browser but they also blocked ad from any other apps you are using.

You can try block-this and blokada ad blocker.

Ad-blocker will create a localize VPN. You will see a key symbol once it is active.
I wanted to give your above post a 'Like'; but before I could do it -- (at least) two of your posts today (including the one above) are already deleted by moderators.

This is -- one of the reasons -- why I no longer participate much in this forum.
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