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Sighs.. my new ac88u got from m1 IT show having the wireless 2.4ghz missing issue.
After initial setup, no issues and running smoothly on 1gb fiber bb (LAN running at 900mbps & wifi goes up to 600mbps+)... but about 2 hrs later, 2.4ghz disappeared, the router 2.4ghz light went off but LAN working full speed and 5ghz able to connect with about 50mbps+/-... have been googling and all mainly dated back to 2016 with hw version up to A5 but mine is A6 with the latest firmware.. still reading up but had gotten so so frustrated , anyone has encounter this issue before or has a solution? Pls help....

Ps: i try hard reset a couple times... 2.4ghz work upon each reset then it either (1) disappears or (2) devices able to see SSID but couldnt connect. Haih

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