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bro, fyi I got my shiny lugia on the 20th try
I used abt 10+ prp bcos I believe shiny legendary doesnt come by everytime
so it depends on how much u want it lor
10+ got .. also consider lucky liao

I got fren.. hoot 30+ .. still hvnt get.
I believe.. last day.. the shiny rate might back to "normal" again.

Currently.. Like i said many times.. I am very confident ..NN twerk n make it lesser.

First day... release alot.. so people can share n post online.. spread the word.. to entice n lure people in..

thereafter .. behind the scene .. reduce the amount.. Blur blur player.. of cos not aware or dont believe.. so keep hooting.. as the "deadline" draw nearer.. still cannot get.. will hoot even more..

then until last day.. they buff it up again.. so More people or people who hvnt give up.. will finally get it.. n end it on a good note.


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