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You know the game gg when your team mate doesn't ban Johnson or kagura and let them take both
Lost 5 stars yesterday then got back a few today zz
I'm guessing maybe season ending. Now is left those really last minute ones still desperately trying to climb rank. Those that can make it one already made it. I was happy with reaching Epic V actually considering my account only has like 15 heroes? haha. Started the game too late. at Epic II now like so near yet so far. Seems to reach a plateau for F2P player already and often if i S5 i won't have any decent heroes left to pick. Probably need to own and know how to play more meta heroes to make it easier.

Anyway, just FYI in case anyone don't know. If got AFK from game, can try to invalid match. I encountered an enemy team the other day that did that. Their S5 was AFK during hero selection. so didn't even ban anyone. Just need the whole team to stay in base for 3 mins. It's still risky cause if the AFK guy comes back, then GG. Opponent already gain upper hand. It's still a sh!tty system though, like if the player AFK during mid-game, probably too late to try that already since enemy team can easily push turrets. Hero damage to turrets increases after 3 mins into the game, so if want to do this, do it from the start will be best.

But if all goes well, the match will be invalid. Won't gain or lose stars for the rest. Got a system mail that the AFK player for 8 credit deduction (which is frankly like no big deal?)
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