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Did anybody notice he kena the "family-friendly' touch-up? The exposed flesh no longer above groin area. Now cover navel

And yes, his defense/hp very jialat.

I cannot do without an armor item for him.

But dunno ley... Ever since using him I become more courageous. I would hop in and do major damage. But most of the time when I do that, I realize I die for nothing cos my coward teammates have already ran far far away leaving me to be gangr@ped zzz

Think I wanna try purify instead of petrify. If my 2nd skill timing not right, I will still kena stunned/bound.
haha u kenna the alutard syndrome. same here for me when i play fighters like alphap, must suppress the urge to 1v5 or someshit. fyi i suck at him also haha.
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