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haha u kenna the alutard syndrome. same here for me when i play fighters like alphap, must suppress the urge to 1v5 or someshit. fyi i suck at him also haha.
No ley I don't do Alutards' need for jungling (except late game when most turrets are destroyed and not much chance to kill minions)

When i do 1v5 I wasn't doing it in the context thinking I can win them all leh. I always do when I thought my teammates are in trouble I jump in and turn the tide.

Never did I expect I jump in, they make use of me as cannon fodder then they themselves run away/hide/jungle and whatever -____-

And I dive in cos I though I have sufficient backups.

Really can't wait to level my Fighter emblem to 40 so that I can use the 20% skill slow talent +_+
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