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Yo. Had a good chat with you inside the game yesterday evening. Hope I can help you out whenever I can!
OMG I actually thought you are tan lol. Nice chatting, let's have a game sometimes.

I still don't like the idea of excessive jungling or the "I'll take the buff" nonsense.

I am turret/minion focused.

I can even, after clearing enemy minions, go back to my top most turret and stay in that area to guard the money soft-shelled crab jungle monster to discourage the enemies from attacking it.
Some characters really need the buff or else his/her efficiency is greatly reduced. Mostly the assassins or DPS mages. Like if my Kagura no buff usually can't kill many people .

Jungle can help you stay ahead, but ALWAYS take on the minion waves first. Then in between waves nothing to do then take nearby jungle lo (usually 1 camp max). Really hate those who ignore minions and go straight to the jungle; they are just hurting their teammates and letting the enemy score a free tower. Especially lv 4 lose 1 tower already just snowballs from there ...

TLDR: Jungle is good but do it in moderation
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