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OMG I actually thought you are tan lol. Nice chatting, let's have a game sometimes.

Some characters really need the buff or else his/her efficiency is greatly reduced. Mostly the assassins or DPS mages. Like if my Kagura no buff usually can't kill many people .

Jungle can help you stay ahead, but ALWAYS take on the minion waves first. Then in between waves nothing to do then take nearby jungle lo (usually 1 camp max). Really hate those who ignore minions and go straight to the jungle; they are just hurting their teammates and letting the enemy score a free tower. Especially lv 4 lose 1 tower already just snowballs from there ...

TLDR: Jungle is good but do it in moderation
Yup. Moderation IS the key.

Just can't understand why they can still jungle when just beside them, their teammates are in trouble or the minions are overpowered.

Some of these lagi best, clear jungle monsters instead of helping the nearest, runs to the next available jungle monster.

And not to forget they see their teammates lower level than theirs tackling a jungle monster, they still swoop in and take the final blow.

the ultimate one is level 15 already, still jungle like no tomorrow.
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