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[Serious] Recommend tips and countries to visit for solo traveller

First-time solo.
No budget.
No time limit.
No one else but me...
Preferably: Sightseeing like temples/cathedrals/sceneries. Explorations. And food. Don’t mind long walks.

Gimme ideas for a post-ORD trip, please.

Location? Duration? Interesting places?

Would like to ssrr the world before I settle down on studies and working till beyond retirement age...

No dangerous places, please. I want to experience the world, but without the life-endangering part.
No third world country or go there help do hard labor as activities. I’m not a volunteer or activist, I just want to explore the world a bit more.
No driving.

Any general advice or interesting tips to share?
What backpacks do you guys use?
Did you guys have a luggage with you?
What website would you guys recommend to book for hotels/flight?

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