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no budget what does it mean? U have load of $$ to blow? or limited budget?
when U said backpack and luggage it sounded no budget means not much $$.
Means I don’t have a definite budget to stick to lah.
How you link when I asked what type of backpack you guys use and if you guys will bring luggage with not much $$$?? You mean if got high budget means don’t need backpack or luggage?? I’m actually looking at getting a new daily backpack to use. Also wondering since traveling solo, the chance of getting souvenirs might be pretty low, so not sure if a luggage might be needed.

do U intend to drive?
no dangerous place, what do u mean by that.. war zone naturally unsafe. USA considered safe in your books?
No driving.
Yes, majority cities seems pretty safe in USA. I won’t know irl besides listening the news and reading crime statistics and articles. I’m a frog in the well when it comes to traveling abroad, also since it’s my first time traveling solo, I would rather not experience getting robbed to know whether a place is safe or not. Since you guys are pretty experienced in traveling (solo), what are the safer countries that you guys would recommend?

no time limit so U intend to stay as long as VISA allows?
I think most countries max is like 90days.
I’m looking to have an overall experience when traveling to any country. So I don’t think there’s a need to stay in a country till visa max limit. No need to travel so in-depth to visit every single shrine/cave/trail/temple/Sakura garden/mall the country got to offer. Big countries like USA, Europe, mainland China of cos would be split into several visits, but the idea to cover them in a single trip did cross my mind. Will be pushing these big travel plans further down till I’ve got roughly a good grasps of traveling solo. So for now would be traveling to individual parts of big countries and smaller countries.
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