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Ya lor so I will be getting others and using others banks for my Apple Pay like uob ocbc Hsbc

Too bad Citibank reward is better but 2nd in line is Hsbc revolution card will be getting t next for ng apply pay

But I use uob for my japan suica top up it’s quite good on the exchange rates as I recall someone in hwz did mention uob use in japan is quite good rates

our govt usually take the wait and see approach, slowly do things...look at how convenient it is when using Sucia with Apple Pay for transport, simply tap and go, no need to even unlock (there is a setting to allow security if the user want)

I give up on Citibank Singapore already, inequality of treatment compare to USA customers, global brand but lack behind when come to support iOS users, missing out one huge pie locally. You don't support, i use other bank cards.
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