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Actually there are restaurants that have higher restrictions. Can just ask when paying. Till this date, I know 2. The Nara Thai at vivo and one korean bbq restaurant at jem. Both accept more den $100 contactless
Maybe the retailers have applied for limit removal through contactless and such, not too sure too.

According to UOB released statement, contactless purchases made through UOB Mighty app / Apple Pay have limits removed from some of the terminals. This suggests a software update to their terminals, which would progressively change over time to include all the terminals. The statement also mentioned that the limit is only lifted through their UOB terminals, while did not specify if OCBC/Citibank/Amex terminals are included as well.

However even with these exclusions, UOB included a small footnote that the current limit for paywave/paypass/amex are still capped at $100 by default, unless excluded from the limit above.

Nevertheless, 100 limit or no payment limit, just ask lor.

Later i go try apple store for >100 dollars purchase, see can make it or break it.
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