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Hi there,

Just came back from my Europe trip last month.
You can plan not to stay too long in Munich as there is nothing much to do over there. Maybe 1 night in Munich and 1 night in Berchtesgardener if you want.
For myself, I stayed 2 nights in Munich and I just did a day trip to Berchetesgardener - beautiful lake and scenery, plus you can visit the salt mine which is 500 years old over there.
As for Hallstatt, its really a beautiful place which I stayed 1 night and I kinda regret not allocating more nights at there. You may wish to stay 2 nights in Hallstatt instead?
Btw, train to Hallstatt arrive on time for you to board but half of the journey, it slowed down and got a slight delay, but the ferry across will wait. On the way back from Hallstatt, the train got delayed and worst, it broke down and I miss my next connecting train. You might want to allocate a longer transit train for this purpose from hallstatt to cresky krumlove?

Sorry, I have no ideas for the other places as I did not travel to the rest of the places you have mentioned.
Hi, do you mind to share with me your itinerary? I would like travel to Germany and Austria. This is my first time go Europe, a bit blur.... Thanks
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