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LTA is currently doing trials. I will let you guys know how it all goes after April 4th
Some thoughts on this ABT using mobile wallet...

-one needs to activate and turn on Wallet, by double tap on side of IPX, pass FaceID, before reach gantry

-make sure it says 'hold near reader', then proceed to tap iPhone on the sensor

-do the same when comes to exit gantry

-it is NOT exactly just pull out phone, straightaway tap on gantry sensor, and the gantry will immediately open

-a bit troublesome, but i guess it is not too difficult to get used to

-however one thing i find disconcerting, is I can no longer see how much is my fare when I tap and exit. It only shows "Bank Card Usage" on the gantry screen

-the only way to check how much was my fare is to go to the Transitlink app, log in to your account and look for your travel in "My Statements"

-and then again, I have to wait one day, for that transaction to appear in "My Statements"

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