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Anyone looking at this device? I am currently using samsung gear sport but it seems that the heart rate sensor is derp.

While running it will stop recording the heart rate(or gets stucked at a single reading). Saw online regarding this issue and it seems like a common problem. Did not have such a problem with my fitbit charge HR 2.

Hence I am looking back at fitbit devices. Wondering if ionic or this will be a better buy? I am also curious on how the notifications are managed. Can I read all notification from all apps? (Don't really need to use the watch to reply)

I read online that the fitbit OS is really slow.. not lag just slow. Is that true?
Yep, I'm buying this too. Now waiting for it to release in SG only.

Based on my research, the difference in Ionic & versa is that Ionic has an GPS built in, and has more of that angular design compared to Versa.The rest all same.

Depends on your needs, if u run a lot outside without your phone. And don't mind the design of Ionic. Maybe then ionic suit u better.

I am buying it mainly for normal activities and Sleep tracking, I think this versa looks better and is swim proof and has interchangeable bands, therefore can change to a bands suitable for work, more presentable.

Notification I would say maybe the same as your Charge HR 2, after watching some reviews on Youtube.
I find my old Fitbit notification abit slow as well, your notification on Phones will start 1st, after a few seconds then the notification on Fitbit will start.
Replying on Smartwatch itself is not supported on ISO, they mention will be adding it soon to android.
I don't mind cause I'm not using the notification functions anyways.

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