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My one and only Latias is 1912, 91%. Today did another Latias raid but fled. I find actually quite hard to catch despite nice and great throws.

Current for me is 1/4.
half is how u throw. another half is luck.

throw excellent for all ball. dosent mean sure catch also. (but usually will end up 75-80% catch. )

for me. iv luck always cmi. but catching wise. so far so good. im just throwing great for this. becos excellent i may miss afew.

so far im seen 12 caught 11

good streak dontknow will last how long. evetually sure will broken. now just hope it dont break on n when its the high iv encounter.
becos previously also on streak. then come the 98/95% ones. throwing is the same. but just die die dont want stay in the ball.

to be honest. it is fustrating. lol. but. oh well. . such things. i also bo bian. lol

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