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This is the first time I just catch 1 legendary and satisfied with it already. Before, I hardcore buy so much premium passes, caught several dozens of each. I don't know why but I think the extinction of maps is one of the factors. Now without map, I feel satisfied as long as above 80%+. Most of the time I only used the map to check for raid timing and planning. Even though have telegram to share locations, I feel like most of it is quite inconvenient to go since some shared like 5-20mins about to start. I don't like to feel panicked and rush there. If 45mins still okay.

I also think I'll be on hiatus from ex raid farming. (I have 7 now. Missed 1.) I'm not going to camp in parks physically just to wait for raids lol.

The other factor is no more storage space. I transfered before but I find it heartache to transfer any legendaries. So in order not to feel terrible later on, I rather not raid for alot.
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