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Yep, I'm buying this too. Now waiting for it to release in SG only.

Based on my research, the difference in Ionic & versa is that Ionic has an GPS built in, and has more of that angular design compared to Versa.The rest all same.

Depends on your needs, if u run a lot outside without your phone. And don't mind the design of Ionic. Maybe then ionic suit u better.

I am buying it mainly for normal activities and Sleep tracking, I think this versa looks better and is swim proof and has interchangeable bands, therefore can change to a bands suitable for work, more presentable.

Notification I would say maybe the same as your Charge HR 2, after watching some reviews on Youtube.
I find my old Fitbit notification abit slow as well, your notification on Phones will start 1st, after a few seconds then the notification on Fitbit will start.
Replying on Smartwatch itself is not supported on ISO, they mention will be adding it soon to android.
I don't mind cause I'm not using the notification functions anyways.
Already released ma. Just gotten mine.

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