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Ball can bounce off even when it's back to it's default position after spinning
Catch more swablu to test. Size also about the same.
Target lock does works for Latias. His default circle is small, so excellent circle is smaller too. For a start, I suggest go for mid-size Great circles.

He is not that far away despite his small circle size, so an approximate mid-screen throw release is sufficient to hit him at his lower level.
Hmmm someone told me just treat it like swablu lol. For me no real stress since latias stats are not so good unlikely I will want to power up one. I Also done maxing my rayquaza. After that will start to collect 270 rc for mewtwo and another 270 for latios. I got the stardust already for maxing out these 2 but lack the rc now
Thanks to all for the tips!
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