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lets see.
my main account is played legitimately since 2016 and are currently in lvl 36.
started a secondary account early last month for try out spoofing and just reached lvl 30 when kenna shadow ban. still lots of desirable to have. therefore this shadow ban has actually hurt this new account.

so imagine you are a Mac marketing person, you will ask NN for a true and verified player base - without bots, to calculate potential population sample size and how much will i gain from this partnership

without the SB, this will be a tough number to provide
and notice the period :it started in march 30th, after Q1 results announcement
Now with this data, they can go to corporates with good numbers to back up whatever claims they have

and SB is likely to last a month thus this will only impact 1 month of Q2 with end of Q2 - June (summer holiday) likely to be a significant pick up of players; making this the perfect time to run a SB and get the info they need to approach potential business dealings.
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