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what pain?
the game has evolved from catching high IVs to quests and gym battling
this is not the same POGO we played in 2016

and with legendaries being the main source of your attacking army (except ma champ)
you cant even "fly" to get good IVs lol
legenndaries have also levelled the playing field

D9 - Ray
Vaporean - Kyogre
Rhydon - Groundon
Flareon - Entei
Alakazam - Mew2 / Lugia
Jolteon - raikou

noticed how even and random things are now for everyone?

so far only fighting and dark (tyra) has no replacements
But for all these legenderies to be of any use need lots of rare condies

So so easy compare to grinding for candies of normal mons
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