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Finally the bus service that unable to detect, works today.

However, while tapping out from mrt. The gantry can't detect and it failed me twice.
Starting to sweat as I realised I jam up the whole Q (Peak hr).
So decided to step away, re-activate  pay and try again.

If u guys kena the same situation, what will u do?
I noticed a fast way to re-enable the apple pay is to touch the bottom where ur other cards combined tgt and select back the card again.
tap the current (top) card also can. this is same as using non-default card for apple pay.
for apple watch, just swipe left right like selecting other cards.

jamming up q during peak hrs is the most worrying thing using mobile abt.
i find that if u tap the phone/watch on the reader without moving, there is a high chance the reader can't detect, need to move the device a bit.
most of the time when i first tap, wait 1-2 sec no response, then when i'm thinking of re-tap and move the phone/watch a bit, immediately got tick.
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